Puntland Youth Association Network (PYAN)
Contract address/person:
Chairperson: Liban Mohamed Hussein
Network HQ: Garowe, Puntland, Somalia.
Cell phone :+252907757298/+252907444303

The Puntland Youth Associations Network (PYAN) is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization, and independent youth oriented network that assembles youth networks in Puntland into one platform/network, which brings together all youth umbrellas/networks across the regions of Puntland. It’s established on 09 Sep 2015 in Garowe by conducting series consultative meeting through which all youth Umbrellas  could participate in and influence policy and decision-making processes at all levels.
PYAN has an organizational structure of elected board members and executive committee. It has membership criteria, clear functions and work scope and its own strategic and operational plans and it will be a member of Puntland non-state association platform (PUNSAA).
PYAN provides a setting in which youth can debate views and can organize themselves so as to promote shared objectives and values.
2. The type of the organization PYAN is an independent youth oriented network, a voluntary membership-based that is exclusively devoted for the interest of the member umbrellas/networks and the lobbying and advocating for the membered youth networks in Puntland state of Somalia.
3 scope of operation and head quarter The operational area of PYAN is whole Puntland and the main office of organization is located in Garowe-Capital of Puntland government.
4.  Core values and organizational culture
 Transparency.  Accountability.  solidarity  Volunteerism.  Gender Equality.  Impartiality.       Membership youth oriented