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Vacancy Announcement



                                                            TERMS OF REFERENCE (TOR)





Title:                          CAPACITY BUIDLING FOR PYAN

Type of Contract:    Individual – Local Expert

Duration:                  20 days

Proposed start date:1stDecember 2016

Program:                   Somali Youth Learner’s Initiative (SYLI)





The Somali Youth Leaders/Learners Initiative (SYLI) is a five-year USAID funded program that focuses on enhancing quality basic education and increasing civic engagement and participation opportunities for Somali youth to contribute to community development and reduce instability in target areas. The project will address these issues by engaging youth in the region with training support, facilitation and guidance to empower young people to positively and productively contribute to society.


In 2015, SYLI in collaboration with Puntland Ministry of Youth, Labour and Sports (MOLYS) and MUDAN youth network have established the first youth umbrella in Puntland following series of consultative meetings that brought togetherrepresentatives of all the 10 regional youth networks in Puntland, MOLYS officials and other relevant stakeholders in Garowe. PYAN has now a clear constitution and working national structure through our partnership with MOLYS but lacks capacity and long-term support to sustain its youth operations throughout the regions of Puntland. Thus, Mercy Corps and MOLYS are looking for a local expert who will be tasked to develop a capacity building support to the core leadership of PYAN to strengthen its existence and improve its connections to both the public and private sector.


The purpose of this assignment is to develop and implement an elaborate institutional capacity building plan for the umbrella group (20 senior management team members of PYAN) and facilitate one national youth conference with the specific theme to address emerging youth issues in Garowe and operational support and essential furniture will be provided to the PYAN offices to facilitate their youth activities across the regions. 100 youth leaders under the PYAN umbrella will be drawn from various regions to attend the national conference. The Ministry of Youth and Labour will take lead on this activity.

The overall goal of the capacity building training is to improve the job performance of key PYAN staff to absolve their duties as youth leaders and oversee functions of the PYAN more effectively. PYAN staff will be equipped with essential skills relevant to their day-to-day tasks, including strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, communication, and operational planning.


The consultant will lead the actual capacity building plan and strategic development plan for PYAN. The consultant will work with a small selected team of resource persons from SYLI, Ministry of Youth, Labour and Sports PYAN and MUDAN to develop the draft strategic plan that will be validated through the stakeholder’s validation workshop.

  • Conduct literature review on existing youth policies, interviews, and focus group discussion
  • Conduct a capacity assessment and ddevelop and share an appropriate training manual and training plan with MC for mutual discussion and approval, at least five days before the training starts
  • Use the training as a platform where PYAN officials both at the central offices and regional offices interact and acquire skills and best practices on how to develop effective youth strategies and adopt best practices of the youth development policy. To do this, he/she must conduct pre- and post-training evaluation to ascertain the knowledge and skills gap and the impact made by the training. The results of these should be indicated in the report
  • Ensure the capacity building plan for PYAN is highest standard; Present the draft capacity building and strategic plan for input and feedback and to validate and finalize the documents
  • Conduct pre- and post-training evaluation to ascertain the knowledge and skills gap and the impact of the session. The results of these should be indicated in the training report


  • Submit soft and hard copies of the final capacity plan and training report to MC and MOLYS and make sure they are contextually appropriate, comprehensive and in line with the country’s rules and laws.




By the end of the training, the following are expected

  • 20PYAN officials both central and regional levels trained on management of youth programs in Puntland, organizational planning, Monitoring and Evaluation and communication, advocacy and coordination strategy
  • A detailed report explaining the training progress, successes achieved, challenges encountered and potential areas for further improvement
  • A training manual that addresses the gaps identified in the assessment
  • Enhanced staff understanding of leadership, communication, coordination of youth development interventions as well as monitoring and supervision
  • Improved staff skills in developing action plans based on ministry priorities; and developing effectivedata collection and coordination plans for PYAN
  • Recommendations for effective coordination of youth programs, including improved collaboration and facilitation of regional youth network activities throughout Puntland regions.
  • Completed and verified assessment tools and a summary page of key findings
  • Completed attendance sheets, pre and post-test evaluations



The facilitator will employ a variety of methodologies, which include:

  • Panel discussions
  • Small group discussion and presentation
  • Brainstorming
  • Demonstration, drama, poetry/role play
  • Participatory and group work activities
  • Discussion of experiences, learning, & applications by presentation and readings
  • Exercises and case studies



Mercy Corps will:

  • Together with MC provide briefing to the consultant on the proceedings of the capacity assessment and training for PYAN Core leadership
  • Provide stationery for carrying out the training for participants and trainer
  • Supervise the training proceedings in collaboration with MOLYS
  • Provide the participants with refreshment and training venue
  • Ensure that all payments/allowances are incompliance with donor regulations and procedures
  • Review the proposed trainers/consultants by the MOLYS and PYAN
  • Receive, review and approve workshop report by the facilitator and deliver to MOYLSand MC


  • Recommend qualified consultants/trainers for PYAN capacity assessment and training to be vetted and reviewed by Mercy corps
  • Approve the list of trainees
  • Supervise the training proceedings and ensure that the training achieves expected outputs as per TOR and ensure that the trainer maintain signed attendance sheets
  • Receive and review copy of training report




This assignment will last for 20 days; 10 days for conducting training needs assessment and developing the training modules and schedules, 6 days for the actual training and 4 days for preparation and report writing. The timeframe for each training will be a minimum of 5 days with 4 hours of training each day, making the training to have a total duration of at least 20 hours.



  • Master’s degree in Social Science or related field
  • Minimum of 3-5 years’ experience as a facilitator conducting similar trainings
  • Previous experience in training, developing strategies, policies and other related documents
  • Strong knowledge of youth programming and youth interventions in Puntland; skills in civic engagement, advocacy, resource mobilization, and events planning
  • Fluency in English, Somali and excellent communication and writing skills
  • Knowledge of basic computer skills
  • Knowledge of Positive Youth Development (PYD) is a plus


The consultant will be paid with a daily rate of  $100 (one hundred US dollar) per day for 20 days, and a total $$2,000 (two thousand US dollar), this include:-

  • The cost of conducting PYAN capacity assessment and training needs assessment,
  • The cost of developing training manual and training schedules
  • The cost of facilitating the training and
  • Sharing PYAN capacity assessment plan and training report.

Payments will be made after completion of task and submission of final reports by Mercy Corps and MOLYS.

Mercy Corps will not accept any other claims other than those specified in this TOR and the service contract.


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Facilitator                                                                                         Date



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Mercy Corps  Representative                                                                  Date




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MOLYS Representative




Dallada PYAN oo qabatay dood cilmiyeed ku saabsan joojinta tahriibka dhalinyarada

Dallada dhalinyarada Puntland ee PYAN oo taageero ka helaysay hay’adda caalamiga ah ee CARE, ayaa maanta magaalada Garowe ee caasimadda Puntland ku qabatay dood cilmiyeed ku saabsan joojinta tahriibka dhalinyarada.

Dood cilmiyeedkaan ayaa waxaa kasoo qeyb galay, wasiiro ku xigeeno katirsan xukuumada Puntand, xildhibaano, murashixixiin u taagan aqalka hoose iyo wakiilo ka socday qeybaha kala duwan ee bulshada.

Aweys Axmed Sardheeye, gudoomiyaha dallada PYAN ayaa sheegay doodaan inay qeyb ka tahay barnaamij lagu magacaabo “Jooji tahriibka oo aamin wadaankaaga, barnaamijkaas oo la doonayo inuu qeyb lixaad leh ka qaato sidii wax looga qaban lahaa tahriibka dhalinyarada reer Puntland ee dalkooda ka hayaamaya.

“Waxaan ugu talo galnay barnaamijkaan inaan isaga wacyi gelino Tahriibka oo aan isla qaadano sidii Tahriibka aan ula dagaalami lahayn. Waxaan wasiirada iyo xildhibaanada ugu yeernay inay ka dowlad ahaan noo muujiyaan kaalintooda kaga aadan la dagaalanka Tahriibka,” ayuu yiri Aweys Axmed Sardheye.

Jaamacadda Bosaso faraceeda magaalada Garowe ayaa madasha dooda kusoo bamdhigtay cilmi baaris ay ka sameysay sababaha ay dhalinyarada u tahriibaan, cilmi baaristaan oo ay jaamacaddu ka sameysay labo gobol oo katirsan Puntland, iyadoo ku wareysatay in ka badan 2,000  dhalinyaro ah, oo wax laga weydiiyay waxa qofka dhalinyarada ah ku qasba inuu wadankiisa ka Tahriibo.

Wasiir ku xigeenka shaqada iyo shaqaalaha Cabdirisaaq Shirre Ismaaciil ayaa sheegay barnaamijkaan inuu yahay  barnaamij muhiim ah oo kaalin xoog leh ka qaadan kara inuu dhalinyarada ka saaro fikrada tahriibta, sidoo kale ku dhiiri gelinaya inay wadankooda ku kalsoonaadaan.

Sidoo kale, Wasiir ku xigeenka arrimaha gudaha Puntland Cabdulaahi Maxamed Xaashi (Qoobdeero), ayaa dhalinyarada ugu baaqay inay naftooda ka ilaaliyaan halista tahribka islamarkaana ay ogaadaan inuusan jirin wadan dalkooda u dhamaada xag shaqo iyo xag nololeed.

Daawo sawiradda.